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“Let’s schedule a meet and you will realize, why defining darkness is not everyone’s cup of coffee!”

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We Tailor Websites

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Tailoring perfect websites stitched to your preference, which will not only be a perfect fit for your brand but also acts as a premium and primary face for your venture. Along with feasible solutions to smoothly update and manage your website’s content.

We Fabricate Mobile apps

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Fabricating highly optimized, functional and user-friendly mobile apps compatible across all mobile operating systems portraying great brand authenticity, increasing the accessibility of all your brand values within reach of a touch.


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Having an expertise in UI/UX development, we curate eye-candy UI and UX designs, which are not only aesthetically pleasing but tastes delicious too, epitomizing maximum user engagement, fostering users to spend a longer time while interacting with the product and engaging in its utility.

We Do Branding

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We create perceptions of your business/venture truly defining and demonstrating your principles and work ethics in best possible way. This will reflect your business goals, help you outstand your competitors and resonate with your customers  Our expertise in  color psychology while designing your logo will surely be a USP for your venture.

We Design Products

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We design products through an analytical process that includes visualizing needs of the user, in par with functional and usability aspect of the product. Imagining, brainstorming and creating a product design that will enhance your product’s mass production and interaction.

Our Motto: Be Different.
Who are WE?
A bunch of certified individuals with cross-platform expertise, excelling in a wide range of domains, with a perfect combination of diversified perspectives, all amalgamated to maneuver your venture to success.
Our Conceptualization

Who are WE?

A bunch of certified individuals with cross-platform expertise, excelling in a wide range of domains, with a perfect combination of diversified perspectives, all amalgamated to maneuver your venture to success.


Digitizing nature, defining the undefined, imbibing aesthetic sensibilities, curatorial expertise, we take up distinctive tasks and provide the best solutions. A perfect example is how we managed to bring black-space out of designer’s taboo.


Professional integrity, inquisitive think tanks, assertive teammates, determined and vigilant workmanship are just a few of the many principles that we follow during our course of manufacturing your needs.


While neoteric 3D animations and subtle UI/UX reflects the attitude of integrating distinctive cerebrations, the vibrant logo veiled a suit-wearing bulb head resonating the qualities of a creative and professional studio organization willing to take up challenging projects.


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What does your name “The Experitos Studio” signify?

Derived from the Spanish word “Expertos” which literally translate to “Experts” was the word chosen by our company, because it truly defined us. Initially started as a small firm with just web dev and UI/UX service, The Experitos went under a brand revamp to emerge as a first-in-class Design Studio expanding its umbrella of services hence getting the name “The Experitos: Studio”

What is the list of services you provide?

The list of services that we offer range from delivering new designs to redesigning and revamping your existing resources. We offer website development, mobile app development, web design, backend development, usability testing, prototyping, user interface and user experience (UI/UX), product design and research basically everything that helps you bring your successful venture or product to life.

How are you different from any usual UI/UX design agency?

That’s a genuine question and we come across that a lot. There are numerous UI/UX design agencies in India and even more across the globe. It’s difficult to stand out when the numbers are too high. The Experitos is not any design agency, but a state-of-the-art digital studio with a wide scope of services that you do not get all together at any regular design agency.

How can I get a proposal for my project?

Don’t worry, get the best-suited proposal/quotation for your venture, a customized shop cart of services chosen by you to bring your ideas to life. Whether be it web development, mobile app development, product design, anything or everything, feel free to Contact Us or just send us a Hi with a summary of your project at

If you are a startup or just stepped into the industry? Don’t worry, as our plan suit not only your needs but also compliments your hard work! Once you reach us, we will take the next step for you within 24 hours and we can discuss your goals, expectations, timeline and set collaborative grounds for future cooperation. The proposal will contain a project brief, activities, deliverables and relevant case studies.

Can I only opt for particular services or is it necessary to get all of them?

We are delighted to work on all kinds of services for you altogether, but we do provide you with the freedom of choice to select and group together specific services. Be it only “UI/UX design and Web development” or “Only mobile app development and product design” or “UI/UX prototypes and branding” or everything together, our onboard spirit got everything covered. You can check out Our Work and accordingly feel free to Contact Us.

Do I have to subscribe to all the services life-long?

Honestly, it feels great to work with someone for long enough to see them turn into good friends but if you are working on a relatively shorter project or insecure about our post-project completion services, we have always got your back. Once we create and develop websites, web designs, mobile apps, UI/UX designs, branding and product designs, and handover the project to you, it becomes your asset. Our work would always be feasible to maintain, customize, optimized, fully functional and manageable. You won’t have to put in extra efforts or bucks to manage and edit the websites/apps. However, if you face any issues with your product then don’t worry, The Experitos are just a call away.

How much time does it take to develop a website or an app or create product designs?

Each project and product service engagement is unique and goes through several development phases to ensure we deliver the best of what you need. With a certified team and cross-platform expertise, The Experitos work on a flexible timeline sketched out to your preferences. Once you reach us, we work on a proposal and try our best to deliver it to you in less than a week. Moreover, web development, mobile app development, branding or product design involves a cognitive methodology that gets better over time. Ideation, design, development, curation, auditing, testing are a few brief processes, that gives birth to a state of the art product.

Do you provide social media services as well?

Unfortunately, we scraped out Social Media services due to certain reasons. But with our experience and client outreach network we have a number of friends in the industry that would love to help you and cater to your needs.

What is your workforce?

We are a bunch of certified individuals with cross-platform expertise, excelling in a wide range of domains, with a perfect combination of diversified perspectives, all amalgamated to maneuver your venture to success. We are a group of comprehensive iterators, developers, designers and socially agile workmates.

What is the difference between UI/UX design and website/app development?

There are various umbrellas of design and development.
User Interface or UI deals with how the user interacts or controls used by people on a website like clicking/hovering buttons.
UX stands for User Experience and helps us understand user behavior or user’s perspective while interacting with the website.
Web Design is a broader category that fits in everything that relates to designing the visuals and usability of websites, that is UI and UX of websites or mobile applications. Website or Mobile app development particularly focuses on the technical part or the code required to build a fully functional website or mobile application. Our multi-domain expertise allows us to work on all these four domains efficiently.

Why can’t I use a software with drag and drop features to create my own website?

Definitely, and why not? A good DIY can be a great deal to become self-sufficient and remove mental barriers towards ideating and implementing designs. The drag and drops softwares are very user friendly and allow you to create beautiful websites within minutes. But the websites made on these softwares limits your creativity, increases design redundancy, not allows you to add extra customized features to your preference, the time put in to learn these softwares can be better invested in more important tasks.

Where can I apply for a job/internship at “The Experitos”?

We extend our welcome to every hardworking and bright-minded individual out there. Reach out to us at along with your CV or introduction and we can get over a call.


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